Romvac Rebranding: Enhance New Vitality

Romvac - Leader of the romanian veterinary 35 years of experience  pharmaceuticals market

B2B& B2C approach – steps:

  • Reaserch – A national  qualitative research& survey on target exponents and employees

Market reaserch – A national investigation was conducted in order to analise the image of our client in the market. On the survey participated veterinary doctors and pharmacists  from all around the country, but also employees , in order to compare both the inner and outer perceptions. Positioning, Brand Equity, Slogan, Mission, Values, Market Dynamics. For Romvac brand Equity comes along with the brand credibility with some elements of differentiation: a strong, effective and flexible brand. It combines the specificity of an umbrella brand with a wide range of products along with with the sensitive elements of a service brand.

  • Design: Brand Manual – Logo, Corporate Id, Visual Patterns, Colour Strategy for over 175 products

Packaging - Designing the packaging and labels  strategy for over 175 products has been a real chalange. Colourplays an important role in categorising the products and increasing Romvac’s brand awareness as the leading brand for all its products.