1. Communication Tools

  • Developing content  and integrated campaigns for emerging media using  TV, digital, print channels
  • Media strategy, press release in contextual environment,  planning, reporting, monitoring
  • Brand entertainment events inspired from brand essence using multiplatform identity promotion

2. Branding

  • Brand shape: naming, logo, brand architecture,  packaging structure, color strategy, design
  • Brand activation: positioning, core messaging, brand equity, vision, mission, values
  • Brand drives: authenticity, relevance, differentiation, presence, compelling tools interactions and relevant experiences

3. Relationship Marketing

  • Media partnerships, sponsorship offers, promotional mechanics: giving strong concepts the opportunity to take the right path from idea to action
  • Stakeholder engagement: integrate brand experience and commitment, develop and maintain market presence through strategic alliances

4. Marketing Insights

Innovative and effective research techniques that provide powerful insights regarding the dynamics of the environment that you operate in. Analise and understand attitudes and behaviors in regard to the context they relate to, through:

  • Ethnographic research
  • Cultural anthropology
  • Social Patterns – ways of perceiving reality; social knowledge
  • Projective techniques
  • Creative role games

Combining a variety of research approaches, from ethnographic research and cultural anthropology to projective techniques and creative role games, we use in-depth interviews, focus groups and discourse analysis for finding the answers you are looking for, and, moreover, the ones that you had not even started to wonder about.  “Why?” and “How?” are our top analysis frames and our research approach can come as a fuel to your business’success, making you more confident of your next business decision and giving you another competitive advantage on the market.